A new approach to masculinity

Audiovisual language can provide an effective means to raise public awareness of gender equity.

The Cuba-based Latin American Network on Masculinity has been using over 70 documentary films and videos for this purpose and launched a multimedia (material) along these lines last July.

Dayron Oliva, a history professor at the College of Art who was involved in the multimedia development, said that the idea was to sensitize young people to gender issues and to help remove inequity and violence.

General Network coordinator Julio C. González strongly favors the idea of using videos and the Internet to disseminate gender information.

The Network website features several works on employment, migration, racial discrimination, violence, and sexual diversity.

Oliva told SEMlac that the project has encouraged young people, mostly students, to convey messages against social stereotypes and prejudices.

"We are being supported by outstanding filmmakers such as Ana M. Moreno, Marilyn Solaya, and Ernesto Pérez. They have dealt with issues like male chauvinism, trans-sexuality, and women in sports," González indicated.

"Documentary films have helped us reach population groups that could not be covered with academic discourse," he stressed.

"Associating audiovisual materials only with art does not make it possible to use them for social change," he added.

Two books by González (Por andar vestida de hombre / Dressed as a man and Gallegas en Cuba / Galician women in Cuba) have been turned into audiovisual materials.


"We have shown them at educational facilities, prisons and community centers," he said.


The Network portal (http://www.redmasculinidades.com) covers academic articles, research works, news, I-phone tones, and videos.


"If we use contemporary language and no trivial messages, we can certainly apply a new approach to masculinity," he concluded.

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