Mexico: Everything for love

By Soledad Jarquín and Zayra Hernández

Oaxaca, Mexico, February (SEMlac). - Many local men and women are currently resorting to esoteric rituals to experience real love.
Psychologist Ita Bico indicated that these services have been in high demand lately.
"Around Saint Valentine's Day, many people come for "tie-ups," said Erika Montesinos, of The Ritual, only two blocks away from Zócalo, that is, the city's main square.
"Our fees range from five dollars up to 250 dollars," she added.
Sonia Vera is one of her regular clients. "I feel better after I come for these rituals," she told SEMlac.
Cruz López, another psychologist who works for the People's Advocate in Oaxaca, said that love goes far beyond rituals and theories.
Miriam Mendoza told SEMlac about some of her "secrets" for those who are lovesick. 
"One of them includes covering the photo of the beloved with bee honey," she noted.
On the other hand, Apolinar López is of the view that esoteric rituals are like exhaust valves.
Specialized services include cards reading, lucky charms, and even horoscopes.
"People simply like to give their free and full consent," he concluded

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