Feminists demand latin american governments to fulfill women's rights

Mexico City, May 7, 2013 (SEMlac).- The Latin American Committee for the Defense of Women Rights (CLADEM, by its acronym in Spanish) demanded today on regional governments to leave discourse aside and fulfill their commitments to end three of the most pressing issues for Latin American women: impunity, criminalization of abortion and lack of guarantees for human rights advocates.

No law can be implemented with just announcements and campaign. Not without political will and no economic resources, the representatives of the feminist network this morning during a press conference to launch the international seminar "Network advocacy: Challenges to State compliance with their Commitments to Women's Human Rights" that will be held at the Palacio de Minería from May 7 to May 10.

Elba Beatriz Núñez, regional coordinator at CLADEM ––an institution that has won a number of judicial cases in international courts––, said that the governments do not guarantee the existence of a lay State and called the attention upon the intervention of fundamentalists groups that have determined that the Central American region has the worst scenario around violence against women, abortion and maternal mortality at large.

Nuñez said that CLADEM members from 15 countries will analyze best practices the international Seminar and ways to improve them, in front of the evidence that there are legislative advances and visibilization of women but still 92% of the denounce remain unpunished.

María Edith Oviedo, in charge of the training programs at CLADEM, said that there are 70 participants at the meeting, most of them experts in the defense of human rights and, also, around advocacy at the international level for the fulfillment of human rights.

Between 17% and 53% of women in Latin America and the Caribbean are suffering from violence but there are only comprehensive laws to face it in the region: Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Argentina. On top of that, El Salvador, México, Guatemala and Honduras rank in the top 25 countries where violence is most excruciating.

CLADEM members stated as well that the criminalization of abortion is a grave issue, which is legal now in Cuba, Uruguay and Mexico City, that is a violation of sexual and reproductive rights. It takes away the life of thousands of women who end their pregnancies in unsafe conditions.

The list of government pending debts grows: trafficking related to migration and criminal problems that governments have not surveilled or confronted. A billion dollar business that often times involve the representatives of power. And poverty and the need of decent jobs for women who still do not have equality in education, decision making or development of programs.

The discussion about these pending debts will begin with the participation of experts and the participation of Mexico City's government at the Inaugural Conference.

CLADEM is a feminist network that works to contribute towards the full enforcement of women’s rights in Latin America and the Caribbean, using the law as a tool of change. It possesses Category II Consulting Status before the United Nations since 1995 and is acknowledged to participate in the OAS activities since 2002.


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