Literary award to three local women

Mirta Yáñez, Caridad Atencio, and Nara Mansur have just been given the 2010 Annual Literary Critique Award.

Instituted by the Cuban Book Institute, the award was granted to seven out of 121 nominees.

Sangra por la herida (Bleeding Wound) was written by Yáñez, a prizewinning poetess, essayist, journalist and storyteller.

El libro de los sentidos (The Book of Senses) is a bold description of Atencio's life, as colleague Charo Guerra put it. She is a poetess and essayist.

Desdramatizándome (Deconstructing My Drama) was put together by Mansur and contains famous plays like Charlotte Corday, Ignacio & Maria, Sentimental Education, and Venus and the bricklayer. She is a poetess and playwright.

Bleeding Wound

Yáñez has written Las visitas/The visits (poems, 1971); Todos los negros tomamos café/All Black people drink coffee (short story, 1976); La Habana es una ciudad bien grande/Havana is a very big city (short story, 1980); La hora de los mameyes/When it comes down to it (novel, 1983); El Diablo son las cosas/Real devil (short story, 1988); Cubanas a capítulo/Cuban women brought to account (essay, 2000); Falsos documentos/False documents (short story, 2005); and El buffalo ciego/The blind buffalo (short stories, 2008).

She is also the co-author of Estatuas de sal/Salt Statutes (1996), along with Marylin Bobes.

Bleeding Wounds is full of women characters who make us reflect on life in Cuba in the 1960s and 1970s.

"Yáñez is not afraid of opening up old wounds," said essayist Margarita Mateo.

"My idea was to speak of all the suffering caused by intolerance and prejudices at the time," Yáñez indicated.

The Book of Senses

Atencio, a researcher working for the José Martí Study Center, has written Los poemas desnudos/Naked poems (1995); Los viles aislamientos/Vile isolation (1996); Umbrías/Shady spots (1999); Los cursos imantados/Magnetized courses (2000); Salinas para el potro/Salt for the colt (2001); and La sucesión/The succession (2004).

She does not use symbols, but autobiographical elements in her latest work. "It is about little, apparently unimportant things that are indispensable to recall life," she told La Jiribilla magazine.

Deconstructing My Drama

"Manzur plays with structure and language in a very peculiar manner," stressed local playwright Rogelio Orizondo.

"Women characters are of the essence to me," she emphasized.

Manzur's Manualidades (Handicrafts) was given the Nicolás Guillén Poetry Award earlier this year.

She has also written Mañana es cuando estoy despierta/Tomorrow I will be wide awake and Un ejercicio al aire libre/Outdoor exercises.

The Literary Critique Award also went to Leonardo Padura's El hombre que amaba los perros/The man who loved dogs; David Leyva's Virgilio Piñera o la libertad de lo grotesco/Virgilio Piñera or the freedom of the grotesque; and Reinaldo Acosta's Crónicas de lo ajeno y lo lejano/Reports on the alien and the distant.

Headed by Rogelio Rodríguez, the jury was also made up of Enrique Saínz, Basilia Papastamatiu, Marta Lesmes, Charo Guerra, Juan N. Padrón, Susana Haug, Víctor Fowler, and Ulises Rodríguez.

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